Exam Room Supplies

8 oz Tumbler
Calculi Strainer
Feeding Cup
Gowllands Mini Ophthalmoscope
Hanging Fracture Bedpan
Nuns Cap Specimen Container
Penlight, Stainless Steel, Pupil Gauge Imprint
Rectangular Service Tray
Stackable Bedpan
Stainless Steel Male Urinal
Tongue Depressor
Tongue Depressor, Child
Waste Receptacle, Stainless Steel
Acrylic Glove Box Dispenser
Alcohol Dispenser
Binocular Loupe With Auxiliary Lens
Disposable Penlights
Dressing Jars with Lids
E-Z Grip C Clamp Screw Compressor
ECG Paper Standard Grade
Ear Syringe
Emesis Basins
Eye Protector
Female Urinal
Flat Bath Thermometer
Flat Eye Protector
Flat Type Instrument Trays
Forceps Jars
Fox Aluminum Eye Shield
Goldnamer Ear Basin®
Graduated Medicine Cup
Grafco® Silver Nitrate Applicators
Heavy-Duty Foot Stool
Henning Plaster Spreader
Hospital Chart Holder
Illiterate/Tumbling E Eye Chart
Illuminated Snellen Eye Chart - 10' Distance, 20' Equivalent
Ishihara® Test Chart Books, for Color Deficiency
Jaeger Reading Eye Chart
Kindergarten Hanging Eye Chart
L.E.D. Flashlight
LED Headlight
Labeled Glass Sundry Jars
Male Urinal With Lid
Mayo-Type Instrument Table
Measuring Beakers
Paper Infant Tape Measure
Plastic Sundry Jars
Plastic Ventilated Eye Shield
Plungerless Syringes
Protective Cloth Cover For Grafco® Fox Aluminum Eye Shield
Reusable Penlight
Room Thermometer
Rosenbaum Pocket Vision Screener Card
Snellen Hanging Eye Chart - 20'
Solution Bowl
Sponge Bowls
Stainless Steel Bed Pan
Stainless Steel Dry Heat Sterilizer
Stainless Steel Fracture Bed Pan
Stainless Steel Instrument Trays
Stainless Steel Iodine Cups
Stainless Steel Kick Bucket-Stand Set
Stainless Steel Ointment Jar
Stainless Steel Utility Cart
Standard Eye Occluder
Standard Finger Ring Cutter
Step Stools
Tap Style Call Bell
Tape Measure
Tincture of Green Soap, U.S.P.
Trauma Shears
Ultrasound Gel/Lotion Warmer
Unlabeled Flint Glass Sundry Jars
Unlabeled Glass Sundry Jar
Wood Tongue Blades