Patient Lifts and Slings

Product Groups
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Battery Powered Lifts
  • Lumex® Bariatric Easy Lift STS
  • Powered Sit-to-Stand 500
  • Pro Battery-Powered Floor Lift
  • Battery-Powered Floor Lifts
  • Battery-Powered Sit-to-Stand Lifts
  • Lumex® Easy Lift Patient Lifting System - Bariatric
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Hydraulic Lifts
  • Hydraulic Lifts
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Lift Accessories
  • Lift Scale
  • Chain Set for 2-Point Slings
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Lift Slings
  • Full-Body Fabric Sling
  • Full-Body Mesh Commode Sling
  • Full-Body Mesh Sling
  • Hoyer Compatible Padded Slings
  • SURELIFT™ Universal Slings with Full Head Support
  • 2-Point Slings
  • Deluxe Sit-to-Stand Padded Slings
  • Lumex® Padded Toileting Sling
  • Sit-to-Stand Buttock Strap
  • Universal Slings
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Non-Powered Stand Assist
  • Stand Assist