Mobility Accessories

Lumex® Mobility Lights
Mobility Pouches
Platform Walker Attachment
Rollator Pouch
Walker Basket
Walker Glide Skis
Walker Tray
Auto-Stop™ Wheels – 5"
• Designed as a wheel and braking system, Auto-Stop™ wheels combine rolling and braking in one product.
Fixed Wheels
• Convert standard walker into wheeled walker.
Glide Brakes
• For use in conjunction with swivel wheels or fixed wheels, glide brakes provide a safe, gradual braking action for rear walker legs.
Glide Caps
• Allow walker to slide easily over most surfaces.
Glide Tips
• Allow walker to slide easily over most surfaces.
Replacement Tips for Aluminum Canes
Fits items 5940A, 5941A, 5950A-1, 6015A, 6220A, 6221A, 6327, 6328, 6333A, and GF5 949-1.
Replacement Tips for Aluminum Walkers
• Fits most walker legs made of 1 1/8” diameter aluminum tubing.
Replacement Tips for Quad Canes
Swivel Wheels
• Provide a full 360 degree turning radius, swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver in confined areas.
Tall Leg Extensions
• Increase the walker height by 4" for taller patients.